At Home IPL Epilator

Treat your excess body hairs at home with Intense Pulse Light and lose body hairs permanently. Hair pattern and growth vary among individuals due to one's hormonal levels, and that might pose a difficulty to treat hairs. Different energy levels allow the user to adjust energy levels to make the treatment effective and prevent skin burn. You can use the device on various body parts, such as, legs, facial hairs, bikini line, arms, underarms to remove unwanted hairs.People with darker skins and dark hair may not found IPL treatment much effective, because human skin and hairs have higher quantity of melanin due to this fact, light energy is absorbed skin and it may cause discomfort.

The wavelength ranges between 410-1200nm which allows the IPL to have broad spectral range and cover more hairs than laser treatment which on the other hand focus on individual hairs. IPL is also used for different cosmetic procedures to reducing aging effects and spider veins. 

The device has 2 modes of operation, manual and automatic to save excess flashes on the skin and prevent burn, however, you can use cool gel to give you a relaxing sensation while you complete your treatment.

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