At Home Laser

Hair removal becomes quite bothering when using razors, tweezing, threading and electrolysis. Intense Pulse light works in different way, it's compact size makes it handheld at home device. The device doesn't require any consumables to be used again. It comes with 8 different variants with each offering different specifications and colors, namely, Black, White and Pink. The device equips in itself Xenon lamp that emits light energy that is absorbed by hair follicle and destroy the melanin by generating controlled amount of heat. IPL gadget has 5-8 levels of energy to control the amount of heat to coincide with skin tone and hair color, prevent skin burn and it's smart sensor allows the device to ensure right contact of spot head with the skin and indicates that the device is ready to be used.

Hair regrowth cycle varies for everyone., typical hair removal cycle is between 6-15 times. Hair removal treatment is recommended to be conducted with once biweekly treatment for first 6 treatments and then the session time period should be extended to one session every 4 week after 6 treatment. IPL has found to be effective in removing hair permanently with controlled usage given one's skin tone and hair color while it boosts collagen to keep the skin smooth and soft.




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