At Home Laser

Laser hair removal and intense pulse light have become widely known methods of hair removal, and these methods do the job in minimal of time. Laser hair removal takes longer period of time compared to intense pulse light, since laser treats individual hairs, it takes more than longer period of time to remove hairs, whereas, IPL has broad wavelength that target wider area for hair removal and its broad wavelength targets wider range of hair and skin colors. You might be concerned about the results and effects on different skin and hair color, and not all the devices are useful to treat excess hairs.

If you have ever experienced old epilators, you must be aware that old devices used to lack many features such as, modes of operation to treat different skin and hair color and number of flashes, freedom of control. IPL epilators offers adjustments to treat hairs, you can adjust energy levels of the device to coincide with your skin tone and hair color. Its LCD screen displays remaining number of flashes and energy levels. The amount of melanin in your skin vary due to your genes, and coarseness of hairs make it a bit time consuming to remove excess hairs, however, your hair growth will be inhibited and you can permanently lose hair growth.

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