Best Hair Removal Machine

Having excess hair is a medical condition which happens due to the fact of higher amount androgen in human body. These excess hairs may cause you discomfort and doesn't meet your cosmetic expectations of keeping yourself hair free and have smooth skin. IPL epilator is a compact handheld device used to remove excess hairs on different body areas, such as, legs, bikini line, underarms, upper lips etc. Its high intensity broad spectral light penetrates through the skin and converts light energy into thermal energy to damage melanin to remove hairs.

Hair growth and pattern of hairs vary between individuals and due to this difference, old laser technologies needed improvements. The latest IPL epilator is used over 5-8 different levels of energy, each designed to offer different wavelength to coincide with different hair color and skin tone. When using the device, you can adjust energy levels and control the mode of operation to have a soft beginning and control the device according to your skin tone and hair color.

Skin tone and hair color vary between individuals and this factor must be taken into account while you treat yourself with IPL epilator. To have effective and efficient result, use the device in a  procedural manner and then adjust light intensity as you chose.

The device can also be used to remove facial hairs and it is recommended to wear glasses to protect your eyes and get excess hairs removed permanently.

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