Best Hair Removal Machine

Hair removal can be bit tricky and costly at times unless you have got it under control and to do that, you need to have a handheld device that removes excess hair permanently. IPL device is an adjustable light energy device that works by emitting light energy into the skin and the light energy is absorbed by melanin in hair follicle which in turns damages hair shaft and weaken your hairs. Using the device will slowly make unwanted hair fall off after treatment and makes your skin smooth and soft. IPL device comes in 8 different variants, equipped with high power xenon lamps with the spectral range of 410-1200nm to treat unwanted hairs effectively.

The device is designed to be effective and high quality to give you a painless, comfortable and quick hair removal experience. It takes 1 minute to treat underarms on average and 6-8 minutes on leg or arm for people with low to moderate hair growth pattern. The heat energy damages hair follicle and inhibits hair growth following a uniform sessions within 6-8 treatments, hair growth become significantly slower and you achieve permanent hair loss. The spot head covers larger areas of skin to bring about quicker, perpetual and effective hair removal process.

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