Best Home Hair Removal System

Remove excess hairs using the method you like the most, but never stop looking for most effective and efficient method. Use Intense Pulse Light to remove excess hairs on your body, IPL is a handheld device that can be used on legs, underarms, upper lips, bikini line, below cheeks and other body areas. IPL epilators is compact device that can be carried easily, it uses broad wave length to target hair melanin to damage hairs and slowly inhibits hair growth.

Hair growth pattern vary among individuals and hair removal treatment can be varied to remove hair permanently. Energy levels can also be adjusted to coincide with skin tone and hair colors along with the modes of operations.

Manual mode can be used for uneven areas of the body to apply controlled flashes on close areas of your body and automatic mode of operations can be used to treat even body areas.

It's spot head size is wide enough to cover sufficient area of your body and it also prevents skin burn. Hair removal treatments are often costly and time consuming but having your own device saves your day and money.

Normal hair growth pattern requires 8-12 treatment and hair regrowth become inhibited after the period of time, and also boosts collagen level to keep the skin smooth and soft.

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