Best Laser Hair Removal Device

Intense Pulse Light has broad application in medical science, it is used to treat spider veins, damage skin areas, reducing aging signs and much more. IPL Epilator is a handheld device, it's compact size makes it easy to carry wherever you travel. The device works between 110-240V with flashes ranging from 600,000 to 1,000,000 pulses/flashes making it durable without the hassle of losing quality and effectiveness. It's 4 Sq cm size makes it compact and handy enough to move easily on any body curve along with high intensity of light, speed and efficiency makes it competitive with conventional hair removing devices.

For those having different skin and hair color, the device comes with 5-8 energy level to make it incredibly effortless and painless to use on skin. Its smart skin detection blinks the numbers on screen when the device is ready to be used. IPL epilator is equipped with quartz lamp, making it effective and discourage any sort of consumables, it allows the light energy to penetrate through the pore and hence achieves hair loss permanently.


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