IPL Laser for Face

Tired of unwanted facial hair growth? Get rid of excess facial hairs permanently using Intense Pulse Light and lose the cyclic treatment of waxing and tweezing. You can hide body hairs but speaking about facial hairs? No! Can't put on a mask. IPL damages natural pigments or melanin while leaving surrounding tissues undamaged. When using the device close to face, wear glasses to protect your eyes from flashes. The devices comes with an LCD screen that displays remaining no of flashes and energy levels to give a gentle and comfortable sensation while treating excess hairs.

Treating excess hairs and inhibit growth requires 4-12 weeks of treatment, however, it is to be taken into account that number of sessions, skin tone, and hair colors significantly influence treatment. It is recommended to have 1-2 sessions biweekly to have effective results. Several studies and clinical trials have shown that about 75% of hair growth becomes inhibited and hair grow finer and thin after 3-4 weeks of treatment.

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