Body Hair Removal Machine

Body hair removal takes alot of time and this might be because of differentiated hair growth pattern and androgen levels. Women usually have less, thin and light colored hairs on their body, however, not every women follows same pattern of hair growth. These thick, male like, and excess hair growth can be controlled at home using IPL epilator. The devices uses broader wavelength light emitted by Xenon lamp, that generally ranges between 400-1200nm to remove body hairs. The broad spectral light targets melanin, as the light reaches the hair shaft or hair follicle, it destroys the hair papilla and stops hair regrowth over time.


While you treat excess hair on body, keep in mind that not all hair follicle are active. The treatment is effective on active hair follicles and non active hair follicle will have no to minimum effect of the treatment. However, inactive hairs can be treated once they become active, and 8-10 treatment sessions are considered sufficient to remove visible body hair permanently.


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