DIY Laser Hair Removal

Excess hair growth has been a challenge, especially for those women who have experiencing hair growth on their body. According to a study, average human being has 100,000 follicle on their scalp and these hair follicles work as a structure where the hair begins to nurture by protein cells and nourished by blood through close blood vessels. 

This hair growth follows a cyclic period where each cycle defines a transformation phase for hair growth. It follows 3 growth stage:

Growth; This phase lasts between 3-7 years, where hairs begin to grow.

Transition; This period lasts for 2-4 months, where hairs begin to slow down and follicle shrinks.

Resting;  Resting phase lasts for 3-4 months where weak hair fall out and new hairs start to grow.

So, You Should Stop Looking Out for Hair Removal and Do it Yourself at Home!

While excess hair growth is treated using different methods, IPL has found to be the most effective way to permanently treat excess hairs. Handheld IPL High light intensity produces heat with broader wavelength to cover wide area of the skin and damage hair follicle without causing harm to the nearby skin. Following the research literature and personal observations, the results begin to appear with effectiveness rate of 20% after initial treatment and help you attain permanent hair removal after 8-12 sessions.



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