Dry Epilator

Looking in aisle space for hair removal products? You might spend a lot of time and money looking in the aisle space for different hair removal products and that's something you're going to repeat again and again! Just stop looking for these kind of products every month, rather be free of excess hairs on your body. Use at home handheld epilator to remove body hairs permanently without spending for any attachments or consumables. Intense Pulse Light Epilator does the job for you permanently and you get a smooth, hair free skin for yourself after a few sessions of treatment.

IPL incorporates in itself broadband pulse light source. Laser and IPL works on the same principle, however, IPL naturally spread out and its coverage is greater than laser. The sensor head dimension is designed to cover your entire skin to allow maximum intensity of light deep down the hair follicle to bring about the most of the hair removal exercise and gives amazing results in terms of permanent hair loss.


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