Epilate and Get Smooth Hair Free Skin

The process of epilation can be performed by using razors, blade epilators, waxing, and threading. These methods demand your time, efforts and some risks! but a handheld IPL epilator would save you a lot of time and do the job effortlessly.

Before you start epilating, remove all the hairs from the desired area that you wish to epilate and make sure that you don't have any more hairs on your body. Connect the skin sensor, plug in the device, and put the spot head/light sensor in full contact with the skin to get effective results. It is safe to use on the bikini line, however, takes cautions while using close to genital area, since darker skin tends to absorb more light and may cause discomfort.

When using on facial hairs, always wear glasses to protect your eyes. When removing hairs, keep the device steady and make sure that the spot head covers the entire preferred area of the body.

Single press of the button would give you manual control to flashes, whereas a long press would switch the operating mode to automatic. It is recommended that no more than 3 flashes should be given on the same area to have better results and avoid irritation. 

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