Epilator for Hair Removal

Hair removal methods and technology has widely changed in early years to improve the treatment for hair removal by minimizing the down time for hair removal sessions, controlled energy levels, modes of operations. IPL epilator is designed to be precise in removing body hairs, it is equipped with high intensity xenon lamp that emits light energy between the wavelength of 410-1200nm and this light energy can be controlled for different areas of the body. Hair removal procedure requires you to follow procedural treatments, 1 biweekly treatment of 2 sessions every 4 weeks are  sufficient for hair removal permanently. About 75% of body hairs where IPL is applied inhibit growth and have found effective results after 4-6 treatments.

Following the research study conducted on different skin tones and hair colors, IPL epilator is designed to work effectively on all skin types except a few. The device works fine on several skin tones such as, partial white color, light yellow, white and chamomile and also on brown color. Darker hairs and dark skins tend to absorb more light due to higher concentration melanin in the skin and hair follicle. 

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