Epilator for Underarms

Permanent hair removal may be a treat to your cosmetic gluttony! Have hair free underarms, legs, upper lips and face without having to shave again. IPL isn't laser, rather it uses a controlled pulse single using xenon/ quartz lamp that produces light energy that penetrates under the skin and hair follicle. Its broader wavelength targets specific and larger area of skin to gently remove hairs from wherever you desire without causing any discomfort. The treatment effortlessly removes hair from lips, skin, bikini line, legs and other parts of the body through varying modes of operations to offer control to have uniform flashed over the area of application and hence prevents skin damage.

Pain sensation is amazingly variable from one person to another. It depends on the flock of melanin within the skin, hair measure and hair thicknessHard areas, such as the shin, may experience a sensation of sharp pain (in spite of the fact that gentle). Darker skin tends to have a bit sensation of pain. An estimation has it that 20% of hairs are in growth phase at on time. Using the handheld IPL device, you can now permanently remove excess body hair by having a couple of sessions.


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