Epilator for Underarms

Intense Pulse Light became commercially available in 90's and declared a safe treatment for several cosmetic enhancement procedures. Among number of purposes that include removing spider veins, dark spots, wrinkles but not limited to hair removal IPL is widely used. The device is designed to bring about convenience for both men and women with excess hairs. In times of Corona Virus, where the world has got into frenzy! You can treat your cosmetic appetite at home with IPL Epilator. It's compact design make it handheld and give ease of carrying where ever you go, also the device can be used for range of different hair colors and skin tones.

The devices can be used from removing hairs on legs to underarms, facial hairs permanently by performing multiple sessions at frequent interval. The spot head covers wider area of treatment compared laser treatment which covers individual hair. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle and damages the hair shaft to weaken hairs and gradually inhibits growth. Active hair follicles are affected by the heat absorbed and excess hairs begin to come off after a couple of days. Using IPL doesn’t cause discomfort or pain, however, a little pinch like sensation may be felt when using the device.

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