Eyebrow Epilator

Hair growths is one's own choice and you might want to keep them, but not everybody loves having excess hairs! You can remove facial hairs using IPL epilators. Facial hairs such as, upper lips, eyebrows and hair below cheeks can be remove using Intense Pulse Light by simply gliding the device over face, while you treat facial hairs, wear glasses to remove facial hairs. IPL epilator can be carried easily where you travel and it can be used for years without the need of changing the flash cartridge. The device has 8 variants, each variant comes with different energy levels, modes of operations and colors. Using old treatments damage hairs but lack effectiveness in permanent loss of hairs because of its mono coherent light source that limits the devices spectral range to treat different hairs.After the use of 4 weeks of IPL treatments, you can see significant reduction in hair growth. After 12 weeks of treatments, hair growth is inhibited permanently and coarse hairs become finer.

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