Facial Epilator

Body hairs growth rate is frequent and higher usual in males due to higher level of male hormones. Sometimes, this excess hair growth is experience by women which becomes bothering and may make you feel a little uncomfortable. You can treat coarse and darker hairs with IPL laser and reduces hair growth by weakening hair shaft. Body skin color and hair colors are developed by pigments and there two types of pigments, light and dark pigments. Both of the pigments blend together to develop colors, melanin are also pigments that form up in the surface of skin and allow hairs to grow.

IPL works by emitting broad wavelength light and this light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle that heats up hair shaft to gradually inhibits hair growth. The device is designed for nearly all types of skin tones and hair colors, however, the rate of hair fall off is depend contingent to how the treatment is processed, the amount of melanin in hair and skin and also coarseness of hairs. The device is designed to work on range of hairs and skin types and you can have controlled treatment to treat your hairs as your desire.

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