Facial Hair Removal Epilator

Epilation takes more than plucking hairs, using waxing or tweezing may help you to pull out the hairs, but losing excess hairs permanently will never work out for you. Concentrated beam of IPL does the job by a broader wavelength light that penetrates below the skin and damages hair follicle. You may not get instant results due to obvious reasons, it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for hairs to fall out permanently given the sessions of treatment. The damaged hair follicle don't just simply fall out, but stays with the upper most layer of the skin, which is also known as epidermis. However, hair follicle begin to fall out as the new layer starts developing on the skin, and that may give you a sensation of hair regrowth.

You are worried about if the treatment works or not? There are some marks that begin to appear after IPL session. If the hair follicles have red marks around, it can be said that the IPL treatment has successfully worked and it has weakened hair follicle. It is recommended that 5 sessions should be conducted to achieve satisfying results, however, in order to have hair free skin, you should conduct 12 session to get rid of excess hairs permanently.

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