Hair Removal Epilator

Medical and cosmetic practices have evolved lately followed by technological evolution. One of the significant contribution to skin treatment is the advent of Intense Pulse Light technology. Use of IPL technology has become commercial since mid 90's and its applications have become effective in multiple cosmetic skin treatments, such as, reducing aging signs, treating spider, reducing scars, birthmarks, sun damaged skin, and body hair removal. 

Laser hair removal is widely used by salons, and cosmetic practitioners to treat excess hair growth. The light treatment feels like "pinching" or "elastic band snap", however, it can be avoided using a cooling get. IPL handheld hair removal can take several sessions to give effective and long term results and its compact size is gives you ease of carrying with you while travelling.

It’s considerable to have 4 sessions every 2 weeks initially on the desired body area to attain optimal results. Given my personal experience, significant changes will be resulted soon, however, results may vary between one person to another due to different skin and hair tone.



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