Hair Removal Machine

When we talk about body hairs, it is always the matter of one's choice whether to keep on with body hairs or lose them. People usually want to lose excess hairs on body just because it makes you feel your smooth hair free skin. IPL epilator removes excess hairs on your body permanently and without the hassle of going anywhere. The hand held devices follows the description below;

Area of Application: Body, Arms, Legs, face (Below Cheeks), bikini line, underarms, upper lips.

Made of: ABS, non plastic material

Energy Level: 5-8 Levels of Light Energy

Flashes: 600,000-1,000,000

Power Supply: 120-240 V adapter

Wave Length: 475-1200nm

Flash Head: 4j/cm sq

Light Material: Quartz/Xenon light head

Applicable for: Men and Women

Before you use IPL epilator, shave the area to have the hairs removed in minimum period of time. The treatment doesn't cause pair or however a pinch like sensation may be experienced, cool gel is also used to have pain free smooth skin.

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