Hair Removal Machine

IPL treatment was said to have effectiveness, so I decided to share someone else’s personal experience. Trying different methods of hair removal took a lot of time, you look for products, attachments, consumables and if you are going for an external treatment, you’re going to spend a lot more than just money and time in terms of travelling, treatment fee, appointment and a lot of other things. IPL reduces hair growth through several sessions of treatment on preferred body area, its spot is wide enough to allow maximum exhibition of light into the hair follicle. The device can be used to target curved body areas, such as, armpits, bikini line, legs, and upper lips. It is recommended to use glasses while remove facial hairs, when the device is placed properly on skin it blinks the light which indicates that the device is ready to be used.


Excess hair growth is dependent on one’s hormonal level. The devices comes with 5-8 levels of energy to make a good fit among different skin tones and hair colors. It is preferable to use the device once a week if you have thin hairs, however, different skin tones and hair colors may require 2 sessions once a week.

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