Handheld IPL Epilator

Hair follicles are home to hair growth, and most of the hair removal methods don't let you lose excess hairs permanently. Some of the techniques may cause discomfort to treat excess body hairs while other cause long term skin irritation. Using intense pulse light removes body hairs permanently and it does not cause pain nor damages the skins, its smart sensor senses skin tone and hair color and set energy levels to remove excess body hairs while the device can be used on both modes of operations, automatic and manual. Its broader wavelength targets larger skin area to remove multiple hairs at once. A bi weekly every two week will begin to give noticeable results with better skin and controlled hair growth, and damaged hair follicle become weak enough to prevent regrowth of hairs.


Using At-Home IPL gadget will safe your time and money without much effort to treat excess hairs. Other methods of hair treatments work fine, but for a specified period of time, whereas, IPL helps to attain permanent hair loss without causing discomfort.

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