IPL Epilator comes Loaded with Features!

You might be bothered using conventional hair removal techniques, but technology has developed in early years. Using the new handheld IPL Epilator, you can seamlessly remove body hair while keeping your skin smooth. The device comes up with 8 different variants, each offering impeccable feature instilled in the device to make it hassle free to remove body hair while keeps your skin as smooth as silk! IPL Epilator has 600,000 to 1,000,000 flashes for personal use that lasts for years without the need for cartridge replacement, the device is also equipped with a LCD screen that displays remaining number of flashes.

What Features does the IPL Epilator have?

Yes! The device comes loaded with advance features with dual mode of operations, manual and automatic and 8 different energy levels. You can choose automatic mode for even areas of skin for hair removal, whereas manual mode is intended for hair removal from small areas, such as armpits, bikini line, and lips. 


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