IPL Hair Removal

You may not be bothered by excess hairs on your body, but excess hairs don't look good either, especially on women. Threading, plucking, and waxing is painful but incorporating technology for hair removal also left no stone of discomfort unturned until the day when IPL was introduced. Using Intense Pulse Light, light emitted by the spot head is absorbed by the melanin and it heats up hair melanin to weaken the hair follicle while preventing skin damage. Laser hair treatment uses a single beam of light to target one hair at a time, whereas IPL uses broad wavelength light that targets several hairs at once and allows you target larger skin area for hair removal.

The gadget is small in size and handy to be used and carried wherever you travel. It's adjustable energy levels are designed to adjust with skin tolerance, also the gadget has two modes of operations to be used  on different body parts. While Laser treatment for hair removal focuses on hair removal only on individual hair follicle due to its monochromatic coherent light, IPL's broad wave length take less time treat excess hair growth and also prevent skin burn, discomfort while boosting collagen to keep your skin smooth.

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