IPL Hair Removal

Threading, Waxing, plucking, have become old methods to treat excess body hairs and you might sometimes find it troublesome going to salon, buying consumables to remove unwanted hairs on body. IPL epilator does the job without requiring any consumables and you don't have to leave your home to remove excess hairs. Get yourself a handheld hair removal device and get rid of unwanted hairs at home without the sensation of pain and much efforts. The epilator uses xenon lamp to generate heat energy, the light is absorbed by melanin in the hair shaft and converted to heat energy and weaken hair follicle.

The treatment should be initiated in a procedural manner, the device comes with some set of instructions to follow in order to remove unwanted hairs. Lower levels of energy should initially be used to treat hair on body and later increase energy levels according to how you feel about the treatment.Sometimes it takes a couple of days for your hairs to fall out and its growth becomes slower after cyclic use of IPL epilator.


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