IPL Hair Removal Device

Hair growth is found in men and women, but things sometimes don't go the way you wanted them. Excess hair growth is experienced when the body has higher level of androgen that cause excess hair growth. Androgen are also referred to as male hormones, though they are found in both men and women. Laser and Intense Pulse Light are widely used for hair removal and people hold positive opinion about both treatments, since both Laser and Intense Pulse Light are long term treatment, it may take a certain period of time to completely remove body hairs.

Laser and Intense Pulse Light, both treatments work on nearly same principle that lets the heat energy produced by light to be absorbed by skin pigments and damage hair follicle, however, there are still difference to spot and make the choice for hair removal treatment.

One of the significant difference is the Light spectrum of IPL and Laser, Laser uses monochromatic coherent light source where as IPL uses Broad spectrum Wavelength to treat excess hairs. This difference of light spectrum impacts your hair removal procedure and time period takes for the treatment. IPL take less time to treat excess hair them Laser treatment due to the fact that IPL uses broad wavelength light that allows larger area of treatment to be covered at once instead of targeting individual hairs.

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