IPL Laser

IPL Epilators have become a shout from whisper! Given the current Pandemic, that's got the world into frenzy! and you would like to maintain social distancing and avoid the hassle of going out and encountering the risk posed due to physical contact. Using the handheld IPL Epilator, you can take care of your cosmetic appetite without leaving home, the device comes with 8 different variants along with attachments for plug and spot heads. The devices equips LCD screen that shows remaining flashes and energy level to adjust with your skin and hair color to bring about best results.

To get best results, shave the areas where you want to depilate from desired area, connect the adapter to power socket and press the buttton for a 2-4 seconds. That should light up the screen with preferences and giving a short press would allow to choose between gears, allowing you to select right light levels to give you pain free hair removal experience.

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