IPL Laser

Having excess hairs has been a real challenge, and you are definitely being thoughtful to lose excess hair permanently. You can remove excess hairs using Intense Pulse Light treatment, the device works similar to laser hair removal treatment but not the same! Its broad wavelength makes it useful to target a wider spread and remove body hairs faster than any other method. The device comes with 8 different levels of energy, each gear can be set to coincide with different skin tone and hair colors.

You can treat your excess hairs without the fair of skin burn or irritation and hair growth is inhibited after first few weeks of treatments. The device doesn’t require any attachments of cartridges to be used again and have enough numbers of flashes to be used for years to come. You can use the device to remove body hairs such as, legs, underarms, arms and upper lips. When using the device close to the face, wear glasses to protect your eyes, and while it is used on even surfaces of body, ensure closed contact of the spot head with the body to make the device work.

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