IPL Laser for All Skin Types

Laser and IPL treatment can be used to remove unwanted body hairs by simply gliding the device on the surface of skin which then absorbs the light emitted by lamp in the spot head. You may have questions surrounded by thought whether it works on all skin colors? Is it effective and painful? Or which treatment method is best, Laser or IPL. Firstly, you can opt for both treatment methods whether Laser or IPL because both methods are noninvasive and do the job by removing excess hairs. Laser treatment is a coherent light source and targets a specific wavelength and emits concentrated light on the targeted area.

This limitation is countered by intense pulse light that has broad wavelength and covers wider area and almost all skin and hair colors, making the treatment faster and much easier than other methods.

IPL epilator is a compact device and you can carry it wherever you travel. The device is applicable to people with different skin tones and hair colors, however, results of the treatment may vary depending on a couple of factors such as:

  • Coarseness of hairs may take certain amount time and energy level to effectively treat.
  • Skin tone and hair colors vary, usually dark hairs and light skin tone are the best combination for IPL hair removal treatment.
  • Handling of the handheld device also adds to the effectiveness of your treatment results, so handling it to cover entire preferred area would yield desired result quickly.

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