IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

 If you are tired of having excess hair growth on all over the body, then we’re both alike! I’ve this inherent higher than usual level of hormones that cause the hairs to grow at faster rate. I used to remove hairs by waxing, and to do that you need to buy cream, cloth and wax. The process of waxing is time consuming, painful and worst thing, it doesn’t last. I was looking for permanent solution to excess hairs and came across the Intense Pulse Light treatment. Initially, it made me skeptical about using intense pulse light and I had a lot of questions about its effectiveness, side effects, and life cycle.

Going to salon, having treatment from commercial cosmetic practitioners is always expensive. Eventually, I went for the handheld IPL gadget. The experience of using IPL for hair removal is effective and it works by flashing intermittent and perpetual flashes that reach out to the hair roots and damage hair follicle. You don’t see the results instantaneously but after sometime, damage hairs start to come off and substantial reduction in hair growth is experienced, and the device also boosts collagen in your skin to give you smooth and soft skin.



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