IPL Laser Treatment

Tired of going to salons, looking for cosmetic practitioners to get yourself free from excess hairs? You can now treat excess hairs without leaving your home. IPL epilator is handheld device that uses broad wavelength light to penetrate through skin and damage hair follicle. The heat energy is absorbed in bursts and remove skins hair and its spot head covers adequate area of you body in order treat the preferred skin area in minimum time period, making hair removal process swift. 

Speaking of how effective IPL Hair Removal Treatment is? Clinical studies have shown that Two months or 1 treatment biweekly result in efficient and effective results in hair removal, however, individual hairs and growth pattern vary and it means that the number of sessions can be increased from 1 biweekly treatment to 2 biweekly treatment to have more effective results. Hair growth becomes inhibit after 4 months of balanced treatment and you could get permanent hair removal without the hassle of leaving your home. IPL works well for dark blonde, brown and black hair colors and it may not be much effective on red, light blonde, grey or white hairs. You might think why does it happen? It happens because of amount of melanin in your hairs and also in you skin, darker skin would absorb more amount of light and may cause discomfort, similarly, IPL effective vary between skin tone and hair color.

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