IPL Treatment for Permanent Hair Removal

IPL technology has long been in use for different purposes, using IPL doesn't require a special protocol to be followed to treat body hairs, except that the skin should be sunburn free and preferred body areas are shaved. Other hair removal methods required consumables along with time and money to be spent on the practitioner. You can now have your personal handheld IPL epilator that you can carry where you want to travel without the hassle of extra products, consumables and weight. The gadget comes with a power adapter to connect the device and comes with two different modes of operations to use. It's smart sensor allows you to choose between right energy level according to your hair color and skin tone to prevent any discomfort and increases collagen to give your skin a healthy and smooth look. The device's sensor head is designed in such a way that it fits well for even body surface and curved body areas to spread maximum light to be absorbed by skin. Using IPL epilator is an effortless and painless treatment to remove body hairs, cool gel is also used to give you a relaxing sensation.

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