Is it Effective using IPL Epilator Treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment had been tested for year before commercially available in the 90's. Clinical trials were conducted to test the efficacy and safety of using IPL, and the results showed significant reduction in hairs without having any adverse effects. The IPL Epilator comes with 8 different levels of energy with more effective and precise results applicable on different skin and hair color without any influence on normal sweat sebum secretion.

The device targets the melanin in hair follicle to prevent hair growth, it can used on facial hair as well and doesn't cause damage to skin. You can say goodbye to repeated hair growth after 4-12 weeks of treatment and energy levels can also be adjusted to your skin.Research suggests that 75% of hair increase become inhibited and the hair have become fewer and finer after four weeks of the usage of the hair elimination device. 95% of hair increase become correctly inhibited and the hair is largely now no longer regrowth after eight weeks of use. 

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