Laser Hair Removal

Looking for permanent hair removal solution? Unwanted hairs on body are often bothering and may not look aesthetically well, but you can now maintain a hair free body without the hassle of frequently doing hair removal sessions of waxing or tweezing. Intense Pulse Light is high intensity broad wavelength light that works similar to laser treatment. Its high intensity light penetrates deep down to hair follicle and damages hair shaft without causing pain. Melanin is a skin pigment and your hair color and skin tones are dependent on it.

Melanin absorb light energy which is converted to heat during this process and damages hair follicle. Since the amount of melanin vary between individuals, dark skin and dark hairs, both have higher level of melanin due to which more heat energy is absorbed by the skin and cause burn like sensation or discomfort. This challenge is addressed by incorporating varying levels of energy to allow the user the freedom of having controlled treatment for hair removal with manual and automatic mode of operation to use where perpetual or intermittent flashes are required to inhibit hair regrowth in the preferred area of treatment.

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