Laser Hair Removal and Hair Types

It's a matter of time when you grow and experience hormonal changes during and after puberty! Human body experience different changes, some are inherited from ancestors and some of these changes are the result of human body adapting itself with the environment and diet. You might think about the differentiated hairs your body have! Let's dig a little into body hairs. Human body have primarily two types of body hairs, terminal and vellus hairs. Terminal hairs are long and thick hairs that grow on scalp, eyebrow, eyelash, chest and underarm, and these hair grow more during one's age given the level of androgenic hormones. Talking about vellus hairs, they grow everywhere else on human body and have silky, thin and light color.

Since you have no control over you hormones, you might want to lose some hairs. IPL Epilator is a handheld device that you would love to use on your body to get rid of excess hairs. The Light pulses reach to the deepest of section of your skin an targets hair follicle to limit hair growth. IPL works better on light to medium skin color, the energy levels are specifically introduced for users to adjust with skin color respectively. Light energy reaches down and melanin allows the light to be absorbed to weaken, inhibit growth and gives you permanent hair free and smooth skin.

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