Permanent Hair Removal at Home

You can get rid of excess body hairs using Intense Pulse Light epilator, the device is used for several cosmetic treatments such as, removing spider veins, reduce ageing signs and primarily for hair removal. You can remove body hairs permanently at home, the device is compact and light in weight to carry with ease, its wide spot head allows wider area to be covered while removing body hairs.The device is safe to use and people having different hair colors and skin tones can use the device to remove body hairs permanently.

The number of sessions, however, vary given one's skin tone and hair colors and to handle the treatments, you can apply controlled flashes on preferred area of treatment by changing it to operate manually or automatically. Unlike laser hair removal, IPL treats faster and found to have more effective results than laser treatments, it's spectral length makes it possible to cover range of hair colors and area of treatment. It can be used to remove facial hairs, arms, legs, bikini line and other body part with ease and comfort.


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