Permanent Hair Removal Machine

Body hair may not appealing when in excess and form thick, male like pattern. Treat excess body hairs at home by yourself without the hassle of going out, and opting for expensive hair removal procedures. Use IPL epilator at home to remove your hairs permanently and without the sensation pain. The device is designed with in such a way, that it gets fixed on almost all hair colors and skin tone, and its sensor head is wide enough to cover larger area of skins with maximum efficacy. Thin hairs are easy to remove, however thick hairs make it difficult and time consuming to permanently get rid of excess hairs. IPL transmits broader wavelength with several energy levels to adjust with different types of hair colors and skin tone.

The device reduces hair growth align the melanin in the hair follicle and let you bid farewell permanently to excess hairs. The device also adjusts energy levels it self to prevent any discomfort caused by high intensity of light and gives smooth skin.

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