Quick Guide for Hair Removal Using IPL

Thinking about removing body hairs permanently with IPL Epilator? You should ask a couple of questions including how it works! The light energy reaches to the deepest of you hair follicle and produces enough heat flashes that damage hairs over specific parts of your body.

Laser or Intense Pulse Light?

Though the device and method of treatment may look similar, however, Laser and IPL devices have an entirely different working principle. Laser emits a single beam of light with a specific wave length, where as IPL emits a wider wavelength light that makes it to the melanin and its larger head makes it real quick to remove hairs.

Using IPL doesn't cause acute pain or discomfort, but using the skin and hair color guide might help you select the energy level.

How long would it take to loose excess hairs?

Well, that's dependent on your skin color, hairs, shaving, and handling the IPL device. Using Epilator will take a couple of sessions but that will be all to address you hair growth issues at once!

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