Throw Away Your Old Epilator!

Epilation might sound like usual practices of removing body hairs, but have you ever felt bothered using conventional methods of hair removal? Noisy machines with diminishing wear and tear?c  Here you go with a couple of things to keep in mind between using Old motored Epilator and an advanced IPL equipped Epilator packed with features!

Does it cause pain using Intense Pulse Light?

Less than Tweezing! Unlike an intense feel of pain during waxing or tweezing, IPL treatment reduces the intensity caused by laser and makes it rather gentle on skin and pleasant.

How about Skin and Hair Tone?

By adjusting its energy level, IPL Epilator can be used over different skin tones and hair colors, making it capable of reaching to close skin areas. Electric Epilator are similar to shavers, the rotating clips get worn out and cause damage to your skin. IPL Epilator works on fine, small and hair that are in the process of regrowth within a few sessions, however, it is advised that the device must be handled  properly to ensure 100% results!






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