Upper Lip Epilator

Threading, waxing, and plucking has been widely used to remove hairs, especially for facial hairs, and that might cause skin cut or discomfort. Using IPL epilator, you can now get rid of the uncontrollable hair growth not only on the leg, back or arms, but also upper lips, bikini line, back of ears, and facial hairs below cheeks. The devices comes equipped with high intensity xenon lamp that  removes body hairs on close contact with hair follicle on skin. Some people have greater hair growth due to higher level or androgen, and this frequency of hair growth needs to be treated at once.

IPL  technology uses broader wavelength to cover larger areas of skin to damage hair follicle and inhibit hair growth. It helps the user to determine energy levels according to individual hair color and skin tone, unlike body hairs on other parts, facial hairs tend to be light in color and are thin. This makes the device even more effective to lose hairs, it's auto and manual mode allow the user to access the device on uneven body areas and determine flash levels needed to treat the preferred area of the body.

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