Wet Dry Epilator

Excess hairs start appearing on body due to hormonal changes going on in an individual and this excess of hairs can be treated using IPL epilator. Laser and IPL treatments work nearly the same way to remove body hairs, however, you may not see immediate results of treatments.As to why does this happen? We're going to discuss it in with little amount of details. IPL works on nearly all hairs types but it is necessary to understand, that why do white, grey, blonde hairs are difficult to treat.

Let's dig a little to know about hair colors!

Hairs begin to develop colors due to pigments, pigments are more like molecule that have natural tendency to absorb different wavelengths and change its color to transmitted and reflected light. There are 2 types of pigments namely, eumelanin and phaeomelanin, that give colors to hairs. IPL epilator is designed to adjust to nearly all hair colors and skin tones, it's energy levels are adjustable to perform a controlled treatment for hair removal and delivers a painless treatment to make the skin smooth.

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